Interior Maintenance

Home ownership can quickly go from a great investment to a great big pain. But maintenance inside the home will not only offset problems that may arise in the future, but will keep it looking nice and functioning efficiently.

Interior maintenance includes repairing cabinets for function or simply changing the hardware for aesthetics. Maintenance inside involves changing a furnace filter to keep the furnace running at a consistent temperature or replacing a dryer vent for optimum energy use. Caulking and tile sealing will keep water from leaking and stains from penetrating.

While most home owners can handle changing a light bulb or replacing cabinet hardware, My Handyman OnDemand offers the expertise that guarantees your repairs are done correctly the first time and that the maintenance will last.

Our interior maintenance services include:

• Caulking
• Ceiling Tile Replacement
• Filters
• Furniture Assembly
• Insulation
• Light bulbs
• Moving Furniture
• Picture Hanging
Window Replacement

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