They say fences may good neighbors and My Handyman OnDemand can make sure you're the best neighbor on the block. But fence repair is inevitable and usually requires quick resolution.

Fence repair and replacement projects take many steps and considerations based on the style of fence and how much of the fence needs to be repaired. You will also need to consider if the damaged section of the fence is large enough that the repaired result might look awkward or distasteful if you don't go ahead and replace the entire fence. 

Because the time, skill and patience needed for such a job is considerable, we recommend turning the job over to the highly skilled craftsmen at My Handyman OnDemand. The headaches and man hours that will be put forth by you as the homeowner are not equal to the amount paid to have an expert complete your fence repair project for you.

Our fencing services include:

• Fence Repairs
• Gates
• New Fences
• Painting
• Post Replacement
• Pressure Washing
• Rail Replacement
• Staining

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