Laundry Rooms

It's hard to have fun doing laundry, but a neat and tidy laundry room might help. A laundry room remodel with new flooring, walls, and bright clean colors can renergize your laundry detail and get your washing and drying routine going.

With a little help from My Handyman OnDemand you can make more of this space and the time spent in the laundry room cheerful and pleasant. 

Consider some of your laundry room remodeling options below:

Make it Pleasant

If you've ever thought about how much time you spend in the laundry room, it makes perfect sense to make this space as nice and enjoyable as you can. Use colors that appeal to you on the walls, cabinets and floor. Don't forget to add entertainment features - a television or stereo might make sense for you.

Make it Multi-Functional

Add storage space for more than just detergent and bleach - your laundry room could even become a central spot for working on arts and crafts. Counter areas can be ideal for folding laundry as well as doing other projects.

Decorate the New Space

Get a little crazy with decorating after you finish all the hard work of remodeling and you move your washer and dryer into their new home. Whether you splurge on a high-end washer and dryer or more middle-of-the-road appliances, the new room will make you want to wash clothes. Splash some bright colors onto the walls and ceiling and add fun window coverings over the windows. Hang pictures that will energize the space and keep you motivated while you're toiling away at your laundry tasks. Keep clutter to a minimum by stowing all the laundry essentials away in your beautiful new cabinetry.

Because remodeling a laundry room can involve serious tasks - relocating your room to another floor, plumbing, electrical, custom cabinetry and countertops - let My Handyman OnDemand take care of you upcoming project.

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