Basement Makeover

Don't hold back on your dream basement! It's space that you've already paid for. A first-class finishing job will make your house bigger, better, more fun and more energy efficient.

Here are a few ways My Handyman OnDemand can help give you your dream basement:

Home Theater

If you're a movie buff, isn't it time you had a screening room where your family and friends can relax and enjoy the best that Hollywood has to offer?

Custom-built cabinetry on either side of a big flat-screen TV will enable you to hide wiring and store DVDs. Ceiling and wall sconce lights on separate switches allow you to turn the brighter ceiling lights off during the movie. And don't forget to make room for reclining lounge chairs with small side tables for popcorn and drinks.

Sports Bar

The basement is a perfect location for a "man cave" where you and your buddies can unwind, watch the game and debate about who was the greatest of all time.

Splurge on a neon sign to set the mood, and add a basement bathroom to eliminate trips upstairs. Last, but not least: a custom-built bar with sink, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Fitness Center

Your basement's concrete slab floor makes a great base for even the most hardcore weight-training and fitness equipment.

With a small flat-screen TV and DVD player, you can get entertained while you train. Add a basement bathroom, whirlpool, or even a small sauna to create your own health spa.

Pool Hall

With a pool table as the centerpiece of a finished basement, you're sure to enjoy many hours of relaxation and entertainment.

Of course you'll need a special stained glass light over the pool table. And consider putting other lights on dimmers.

Home Office

You'll be surprised how productive you can be in a basement office, away from the upstairs distractions.

Avoid eye strain by combining glare-free overhead lighting with good task lighting. Tiles provide an easy-to-clean floor surface that office chairs love to roll on.

Guest Room/In-Law Apartment

If you need another bedroom, don't spend big bucks on an addition. Instead, take advantage of space you've already paid for.

Chances are you'll need at least one larger basement window to meet building code requirements for safe egress. Also consider adding a basement bathroom and perhaps a kitchenette.

Children's Playroom

If you're struggling to manage the mess kids can create, a basement play area might be just what you need to give the rest of your house a rest.

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