Maintenance Tips

Not sure what to do when? Here's a list of our suggestions for when to perform which home maintenance service. Call My Handyman on Demand today to help with all of these services!

  • January

    • Check for damaged, discolored, or missing ceiling tiles

    • Check all water sources for leaks and drain speed

    • Tighten door handles, closers and hinge screws

    • Check doors for bumpers and proper closing

    • Review all flooring for damage

    • Vaccum out all compressors and grills


  • February

    • Inspect all lighting fixtures and trim kits

    • Check caulking for appearance and protection

    • Tighten and inspect toilet paper holder, paper towel

       holder, and mirrors in bathrooms and kitchens

    • Check all countertops for chipping and peeling

    • Confirm keys and label


  • March

    • Inspect ceramic tiles for cracks and appearance

    • Secure any lose wallpaper and corner protectors

    • Start up sprinkler system and check operation

    • Flush hot water heater and re-fill

    • Trim and shape shrubbery and tree limbs

    • Detailed clean up of leaves and debris


  • April

    • Change smoke detectors and CO batteries

    • Inspect siding, soffit, fascia, and masonry

    • Check all hand railings for stabiity and wear

    • Inspect gutters: clean and reattach as necessary

    • Check over roof for missing shingles, protective

       rocks, damage, or gaps - cover as necessary


  • May

    • Check carpet for stains, popping seams, rumples and

       general damage

    • Walk concrete driveways and sidewalks for cracks,

       chips, pot holes and tripping hazards

    • Check tile and linoleum for rips, tears and curling

    • Tighten all screws on wall hangings and pictures


  • June

    • Check for loose tiles and cracking grout

    • Check all water sources for leaks and drain speed

    • Check trim, woodwork, and base coverings for

       scratches, cracking or pulling away

    • Inspect drywall for dings and touch up paint

    • Change intake and return air filters

    • Vacuum out all compressors and grills


  • July

    • Run through all sprinkler zones to check for proper

       coverage and operation

    • Check rocks and landscaping for proper weed barrier


    • Check for shifting or erosion around the foundation

    • Check all landscape timber and edging

    • Tighten all loose screws and nails on fences, gates

       and latches

    • Bury any exposed wiring or sprinkler lines


  • August

    • Check all exterior lighting fixtures and lenses

    • Inspect exterior siding, windows and doors

    • Check outdoor paint for peeling, cracking and proper


    • Run through all sprinkler zones (repeat due to heat)


  • September

    • Inspect caulking, weather stripping, door transitions,

       exterior trim, gutters and downspouts

    • Go through storage - organize, label and move

       temperature sensitive products to warmer area

    • Test and confirm all water supplies have functioning

       water shut-offs

    • Tighten loose plumbing


  • October

    • Drain outdoor faucets and winterize sprinkler system

    • Clean all roof drainage pipes and gutters

    • Check fire extinguisher for proper charge and



  • November

    • Change smoke detector and CO batteries

    • Double check all pipes to prevent freezing

    • Set and clean all floor registers and intake grills for

       proper airflow

    • Label breaker box


  • December

    • Check electrical cords and plugs on lights and

       appliances for damage or overload

    • Test all outlets and GFCI for proper installation,

       grounding, functionality and safety

    • Tighten all handrails


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