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Bathroom Repairs

If there is any room in the house to cut corners in home repairs and improvement, it isn't the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, and it's the one room EVERYONE uses regularly.


If any bathroom repair or remodel project is more than you feel comfortable tackling, My Handyman on Demand is happy and eager to help. We will do a professional job, sticking to a strict project timeline, cleaning up any mess involved, and leaving your home improved and ready for enjoyment.

Our Bathroom Repair services include:


• Caulk & Grout • Counter tops • Drywall/Plaster Repair • Exhaust Fan Installation/Replacement • Faucet Repair/Replacement • Handicap Accessible • Leak Fixes • Paint • Shower Doors • Shower Head Replacement • Sink, Tub, Shower Stall Replacement • Tile Replacement •

Toilet Installation/Replacement • Towel Racks • Vanities • Vents • Wainscoting



Additional Services

  • Ceiling Fan Installation

    For any interior space, a ceiling fan is the perfect (and cost-effective) way to add a functional, yet stylish, touch.


  • Home Safety

    Rest easy after you hire My Handyman on Demand to install smoke detectors, motion lights, and other security needs.


  • Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter cleaning often takes a backseat to more pressing home repairs. Unlike lawn cutting, this seasonal task is easily forgotten when other, more noticeable repairs take precedence. However, keeping rain gutters cleaned and repaired prevents many expensive, major home repairs from making your list. Prevent drywall damage, roof leaks or water damage to soffits and fascia with expert gutter cleaning by My Handyman On Demand. A regularly scheduled gutter cleaning with one of our professional technicians extends the life of your roof and protects your home's value.


  • Holiday Lights

    For those who don't want to spend thousands on a holiday light display, but want to keep pace with the neighbors, avoid the disappointment of grandchildren coming into town, or skip the hassle and frustration of hanging and removing lights themselves, give My Handyman On Demand a call. Our team of fully-insured craftsmen will happily install your lights this year. Better yet, they'll take them down too!


  • Sheds

    Ever want a shed in your backyard but don't like what your local home improvement store offers? My Handyman On Demand can build you a custom backyard shed to fit your needs and style.


Carpentry repairs can take a toll on your time and your home budget, but they are very common jobs that inevitably crop up in every home. My Handyman On Demand ensures that all your carpentry needs are attended to in an efficient, affordable and professional manner. Our skilled carpenters are on call any time you need something fixed in a hurry.


Whether you require a repair to an existing structure such as kitchen cabinets, crown molding or trim or looking for a brand new deck, closet shelving or fence, My Handyman On Demand can help.


Our Carpentry services include:


• cabinet installations/repairs • chair rails • closet shelving •

counter top installation • crown/base molding •

door installation/replacement • fence & deck • framing •

furniture assembly • hardware installation • shelving assembly •

trim repairs • window/door casing

Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are very important to your home, both having an effect on it's appearance, value and energy efficiency.

Aside from their negative appearance, windows with older

panes and that allow air from the outside to enter the

home are costing you money. Your heating and cooling bill

will be affected by the inefficiency of the home's windows

and doors as your AC system and furnace are forced

into overdrive.


Don't pay more for your home's heating and cooling. Don't let your home be viewed as run down. Call My Handyman On Demand today to instantly upgrade the appearance of your home, add tremendous value and to start saving money on your

heating and cooling bills.


Our Door & Window services include:


• attic doors • door repair/installation • frame repair •

french doors • hardware/knobs • lock & deadbolt installation •

screen & glass replacement • sliding doors •

storm door installation • weather stripping • window repair


Some electrical jobs, such as changing a light bulb or replacing a light fixture are simple enough if the proper safety precautions are taken. However, most electrical repairs are better left to a professional. My Handyman On Demand has the expertise to handle all electrical jobs while maintaining excellent safety standards for anyone involved in the project. In addition, we can complete the job properly to avoid dangerous hazards that improper electrical jobs will cause in the future.


If you have an electrical repair or wiring project around your home, call us today. No job is too big or too small; and you'll always get a fair price . Don't take a chance, get it done right the first time. Our skilled craftsmen can keep your home well-lit, running efficiently, and most-of-all, safe for you and your family.


Our Electrical services include:


• bathroom vents • ceiling fans installation • exhaust fans •  installation • fixture installation/replacement • lighting solutions • smoke detectors •  switches

Exterior Maintenance

Appearance matters. The way you maintain your home is the first impression of yourself to many people. Ongoing exterior maintenance will keep your home in beautiful shape for many years to come.


Routine maintenance such as caulking can prevent weather stripping, whereas cleaning gutters and putting up Holiday lights are annual festivities. Hedge trimming and pressure washing keep the home looking nice and well maintained. From dry spots to undesired lakes in the yard, repairing broken sprinkler lines and heads is a simple solution to seemingly larger problems.


My Handyman On Demand is available to tackle all your outdoor tasks, allowing you the most direct reflection of pride and ownership.


Our Exterior Maintenance services include:


caulking • Christmas lights  • debris removal •  deck maintenance • fascia & trim repairs • fence & gate repairs • French drain installation •

garage door painting • gutter cleaning • leak repairs  • lighting fixtures •  mailbox installation • pressure washing


Flooring is the foundation of your home decor. Whether it is carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood it plays a crucial role in your home's comfort and utility. While installing flooring is a reasonable project for home-owners to take on, the labor and precision is overwhelming. It takes specialized tools, a lot of time and is hard on your back and knees. Flooring needs to withstand a lot of abuse and My Handyman On Demand will install your choice of flooring correctly to hold up to your daily use. If you are in need of repair of work flooring or are looking to spruce things up with a replacement, you've come to the right place. And as with every job, we will handle all clean-up involved, which is most likely in itself worth the expense.

Our Flooring services include:


• carpet installation • carpet stretching • ceramic tile • hardwood • refinishing • structural repairs • sub floor replacement • vinyl


Interior Maintenance

Home ownership can quickly go from a great investment to a great big pain. But maintenance inside the home will not only offset problems that may arise in the future, but will keep it looking nice and functioning efficiently.


Interior maintenance includes repairing cabinets for function or simply changing the hardware for aesthetics. Maintenance inside involves changing a furnace filter to keep the furnace running at a consistent temperature or replacing a dryer vent for optimum energy use. Caulking and tile sealing will keep water from leaking and stains from penetrating.


While most home owners can handle changing a light bulb or replacing cabinet hardware, My Handyman On Demand offers the expertise that guarantees your repairs are done correctly the first time and that the maintenance will last.


Our Interior Maintenance services include:


caulking • ceiling tile replacement  • drywall/plaster repairs •  filters • furniture assembly • insulation • light bulbs •

moving furniture • picture hanging

Misc. Tasks

Have a Honey Do List that just keeps growing? Need a service call? Our craftsmen can take care of any and all your home improvement and repair projects around the house.


My Handyman on Demand makes your projects, repairs & maintenance easy & hassle free. Big or Small, We Do it All !


These are just a few of many, many odd job & repair services we provide: Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Pressure Washing & Cleaning, Building Shelves and Bookcases, Ceiling Fan & Light Fixture Install, Hanging Window Blinds, Curtains, & Mirrors, Install closet systems & assemble furniture, Caulk & Seal Around Tub/Shower, Install Safety Grab Bars & Handrails

Paint & Stain

Have an exterior painting or staining project? Our professional technicians can stain your deck to protect it from the wear and tear of the weather. They are eager to give your home a face-lift with a fresh coat of paint on your garage doors, shutters or fence.


Looking to add some color on the inside of your home? Let My Handyman On Demand make your life easier as you prepare a nursery, freshen up a bathroom or give light to your basement.


From single rooms to whole houses,

My Handyman On Demand has professionals that can provide interior and exterior painting and staining services for you, and we'll get the job done right the first time.


Like the way most home improvement projects begin, plumbing is forgotten about and the luxury is overlooked until something goes wrong.


Plumbing jobs are more often than not a result of old pipes and techniques. Installations and repairs cause a big headache along with a major inconvenience. Whether it's a water heater rupture, leaky drain, or clogged toilet, plumbing problems always tend to happen at the worst possible time.


My Handyman On Demand is an easy solution to any plumbing problem as our installation and repairs are done properly and thoroughly to ensure that future problems will not occur.

Kitchen Repairs

They say if you can only do one household project, that project should be updating your kitchen. It is, as we all know, the most essential and most used room in the home, and the one living space that can bring you return on investment.


For most homeowners, finding time to make even minor kitchen repairs is difficult. Those tasks pile up and next thing you know, you're considering a larger kitchen remodel.


Whether you are already considering a complete remodel, or upgrading or refacing your cabinets, replacing old counter tops, or changing out your garbage disposal, My Handyman On Demand can do it all.

Our Kitchen Repairs services include:


• appliance replacement • cabinet assembly & replacement • caulk & grout • counter tops • flooring • garbage disposals • hanging pot racks •

hardware replacement • lighting & outlets • painting • sink and faucet replacement


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an affordable and easy way to boost your home's value while preventing costly home problems.


Our Interior Maintenance services include:


brick mailboxes • concrete  • decks •  driveways • masonry •

mold on siding or other structures • sidewalks



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