Exterior Renovations


Your landscaping is your home's first impression, so make it a great one. And there is no one-size-fits-all design for a landscape. It takes experience to create uniqueness every time, all while meeting your needs and wishes. My Handyman On Demand sets ourselves apart during the design process as we consider all factors including: harmony of all elements, functionality of living spaces, durability of hardscaped areas, and aesthetics.


Achieving a stunning look with excellent amenities is pure hard work and requires time and money. For this reason, property owners should leave it to the experts at My Handyman On Demand. For us, no project is too big or too small to merit our undivided attention to achieve positive results.


Our Landscaping services include:


• Custom Brick Steps • Decks • Fences • Fire pit Installation • Grading • Irrigation • Landscape Design • Lighting • Mulching • Paving Stone Patios • Plantings • Retaining Walls • Rock Gardens • Sodding • Walkways • Water Diversion




Are you dreaming of a more beautiful backyard or deck? Need to add shade to an already existing patio? A pergola adds comfort, versatility, and elegance to any outdoor space. Plus it provides visually appealing, much-needed shade during the warm summer months.


At My Handyman On Demand we transform dull outdoor spaces into functional, visually appealing outdoor living areas. They create entertaining opportunities while adding just the right amount of shade and comfort. Our commitment to satisfaction means we work tirelessly to bring your specific vision to life.



Enjoy your outdoors more with a new or newly repaired porch. A beautiful porch won't just make your home more beautiful and inviting, but will also add value and comfort. My Handyman On Demand can help design one that fits right in with the architecture of the house.


When it comes to outdoor porches, you want a combination of the newest products and trends along with old school craftsmanship and dedication. That way you get a fantastic looking porch that is built to last through all kinds of weather. We can make subtle or dramatic upgrades, adding value to your home.

Patios, Pergola & Porches



My Handyman On Demand takes pride in everything we do, so when we install stone patios and walkways, we build them to last. Precise cuts ensure our patios will last for years to come and look just as they did when they were first installed, minus the natural wear.


Your imagination is our limit. Whether we are extending your entertainment space, bringing the sitting area down to the ground level for more privacy, or creating access pathways from one part of your yard to another, My Handyman On Demand can design and install the right surface for you.

Additional Exterior Services

Deck Installation & Repair

A lot of work goes into keeping your deck beautiful. Staining, power-washing, water-resistant treatments, deck repairs - these are all important jobs for sustaining home value. Unlike many other handyman service companies, My Handyman On Demand specializes in ALL deck services including maintenance and new installations.


You can trust us to keep your family safe by completing proper deck installation such as fixing broken boards or joists.


Or, let us expand your living space outdoors with a brand new deck of press-treated lumber, mahogany, cedar, composite, or other low-maintenance decking material. There are no limits other than the size of your property.


Our deck services include: Deck Bench Repair, Deck Installation, Deck Repair, Painting, Power Washing, Staining, and Winterizing.


  • Fencing

    They say fences may good neighbors and My Handyman On Demand can make sure you're the best neighbor on the block. Fence repair and replacement projects take many steps and considerations based on the style of fence and how much of the fence needs to be repaired. You will also need to consider if the damaged section of the fence is large enough that the repaired result might look awkward or distasteful if you don't go ahead and replace the entire fence.


    Because the time, skill and patience needed for such a job is considerable, we recommend turning the job over to the highly skilled craftsmen at My Handyman On Demand. The headaches and man hours that will be put forth by you as the homeowner are not equal to the amount paid to have an expert complete your fence repair project for you.


  • Pressure Washing

    Pressure washing is an affordable and easy way to boost your home's value while preventing costly home problems.


    Our pressure washing services include: Brick Mailboxes, Concrete, Decks, Driveways, Masonry, Mold on Siding, Sidewalks & more.


  • Retaining Walls

    Functional and aesthetically pleasing, block retaining walls may be the ultimate solution for the corner of your yard that seems to just need something more.


    There are many benefits to installing block retaining walls, such as adding a raised planting bed to add depth and privacy to a flat yard. Or a block retaining wall will add formality to a design, retain soil, and even correct grade or drainage issues. Our beautifully designed and installed retaining walls can add more functionality and usable space to sloped yards as well. These manufactured blocks can even be used as sitting walls for extra space while entertaining or used to create an elevated/raised garden.


    My Handyman On Demand will provide you with many choices of blocks with a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Call us today to start transforming your outdoor space.


  • Roofing & Siding

    Did the last storm send a tree branch through your roof or damage your siding? Call My Handyman On Demand for all your emergency siding and roofing needs.


    We all know that having a home that's both safe and dry is crucial for any family. We'll work with you to assess the damage and to advise you on contacting your homeowners insurance. If you need temporary repairs until a settlement comes back we'll be happy to help you with every step of the repair.


Screened-In Sunrooms

Having a sunroom is an effective way to enjoy a warm place, especially on days that are not practically good to stay outside. Moreover, sunrooms can greatly increase the overall value of your home. Imagine spending those breezy summer afternoons out in your new sunroom, relaxing after a hard day's work. With the help of My Handyman On Demand, this dream can become a reality.


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